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I help businesses In the
United States and Canada
make it easy for their
customers to do
business with them

Focusing on Sales Training, Better Client Experiences Through Branding, Team Training, Defining Systems & Processes, and Results.


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Who Is Danny?

Over the past 20 years, I have become passionate about and enjoy working with businesses and more importantly, the people that run them. When we can talk on a level that feels like we’re old friends with a drive to live our best in business and life, we’ve hit the mark! 

Having worked with hundreds of sales reps and thousands of businesses for dental sales training in the United States and Canada, we find common ground in maximizing time, making more sales through defining dental sales processes, dental sales training, dental business thought leadership, capturing customer and patient information, minimizing friction and making it effortless for your customers to do business with you. I practice what I preach because the same goes for me. 

As a certified facilitator of the professional sales training process, Integrity Selling®, I’ve come to know how important having a defined process is. Let’s face it, when prospective clients engage with you, they go right for the jugular - asking for the price! Let’s be honest though, is there really that much value in simply giving a price? We’d love to hear your thoughts because that’s where your specific sales process is clutch! 

Whether we're connecting in for dental sales training in Lehi, Utah, or thought leadership training in Salt Lake City, Utah, or working at a dental industry trade show across the US and Canada, as we’ve prepared intentionally with training for your upcoming trade show event in Utah County, life is too short to not make the most of it. Not in the Utah area? No worries, we’ve still got plenty of ways to communicate effectively be it webinar, phone, email, or text, DM, etc., they're still in style, let's make it happen.

Pencil in a time on the calendar and let's start the discussion today! 


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Keynote Speaking

Whether you have a crowd of three, or over a hundred, everyone will walk away with something memorable that they can apply that day.

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Sales & Leadership

"Invest time, don't spend it. Training takes time. But it's the best life long investment a person can make. "
~ Jeffrey Gitomer ~

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Integrity Selling®

Check out this FREE executive overview. With this proven sales process, you will confidently create win-win solutions with your customer.

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Planning a Sales Conference?

Do you have a sales training event coming up and could use some outside ideas about how to plan and execute? How about a national sales meeting coming up where you want to have your sales reps share an experience that is memorable and actionable? Or, are there mergers and acquisitions occurring in the near future that you need to hit the ground running within aligning sales organizations? 

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Free 15 Minute Sales Process Assessment

You want your reps to sell more.
Yet, you don’t make time for Training and Coaching...
So how’s that going to work?

If you’re a Sales Leader and want to SELL MORE,
then we need to talk!

Integrity selling® 

- Why Major Brands Invest in Their People
- What Successful Outcomes are Defined as
- Why Focus in Service, Sales and Coaching Matter in Today’s Complex Business Environment
- Why Following a Defined Process can Lead
to a 20% Increase in YOUR Sales

What Your Client Asks is NOT What They Are Asking

Reality is that sales reps do what they DO, not necessarily what they KNOW. What are you doing to help them bridge that gap? Discover why so few salespeople are highly successful.Book: You Can't Teach People to Sell By Teaching People to Sell

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