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Lead Generation

You. Need. Leads.

We all know that qualified leads keep your sales pipeline flowing. What are you doing to get new leads now? What if there was a way to get new leads of potential clients that actually wanted to talk to you because they booked a time on your calendar? There is! Want more info? Click here to see how it works.

Here's the deal. Are you in Dental Sales? Car sales? Outside Sales? Do Mortgages? Loan officer? Sell RVs? What about marketing for lead and demand generation? How are you doing lead generation for your company now? Not only lead generation but what about lead capture? Look, if you have a business that works with getting new customers that either you or your reps close to bring home the bacon in any way, you need a personalized way of capturing leads! Why?! Well, I'm glad you asked!

Marketing Funnels

I’m sure you’re familiar with or have heard the term marketing funnel, right? That’s where your marketing team puts out content to their targeted demographic and tries to nurture that audience from being an innocent bystander in their industry to becoming a lead with a quality score that is high enough that they are showing buying intent. Then it becomes a lead and is turned over to a sales rep.

The sales rep then reaches out and tries to convert that lead into a legitimate opportunity. If the conversion is successful and the sales rep embodies professionalism throughout the sales cycle (which goes into following a sales process), ultimately you want that opportunity to turn into a closed or won sale. Make sense?

There is a ton of time, money and work that goes into making all of that happen. And unless you’ve got a marketing budget and team that is the size found in large organizations, that’s just not going to happen for you, is it?

If you’re like most driven business owners, managers or reps I know, you’re like the mechanic with the old Camaro out in the yard. It’s up on blocks. Been sitting there for years getting rusted out (but that patina though!). You’ve got the greatest intent, hopes, and dreams to fix it up and drag Main Street with it. However, the reality is that you just don’t have the time to get to it because you’re too busy fixing other people's cars, so to speak. Am I right?

The Purpose of Marketing

Well, what if you had the ability to capture leads with a simple sales funnel? Let’s start there. What’s the difference between a marketing funnel and a sales funnel? I once heard the following question and answer while in a dental marketing seminar, “What’s the purpose of marketing? To shorten the sales cycle.”

Sales funnels do just that. Simply put, they get a qualified lead in front of you! They get qualified leads booking time on YOUR calendar. But what about that whole marketing funnel thing I just talked about that takes time and needs nurturing?

Sales Funnels

That’s the beauty of it! A sales funnel does all of that at an accelerated pace when you’re using tools like, right from your cell phone. Mind if I show you why and how? We all have something valuable to share with others. We really do! I love listening to entrepreneurial podcasts.

A common theme that I hear from so many is that it comes down to defining what it is that you want to specialize in. I get it though. If you’re entrepreneurially driven, you want to do and be everything to everyone. But it’s just not sustainable and it’s time to let go!

I’ve listened to entrepreneurs that got burned out and realized they just couldn’t be it all and do it all and reached their breaking point. It was at that time that they finally realized that although the deals may be a bit fewer and farther between, they are so much deeper, richer, and more profitable. Wouldn’t you like that for you and your book of business?


Don’t feel like you’re a specialist? You’re a lot closer to specializing in something than you think, so think about it. What do you do now that you’re pretty good at or even passionate about? Great, let’s add some value surrounding that.

Why? Because in exchange for the added value you bring, your potential clients will share their name, address, phone number, and email with you. But how? Having a personalized version of allows you have it open on your phone, hand it to a potential client, let them complete it right then and there (it only takes a few moments), and then click submit. Put a little more effort into it with an auto-generated email, a defined sales process, and you've got an amazing lead capture and closing tool!

So, what does that first page look like? You’re looking at one version of it. Want to see another? Click here to see how a BowTie company is utilizing it to capture their leads. Are there second pages? Yes! Thank you pages, call now pages, and emails such as that are available as well. Complete the form below and check out what my second page looks like so you see what I mean when I say your clients will get added value from you.

Lead Capture

Again, this is why you need! Are your wheels starting to turn like mine are? Whether you’re a real estate agent, a car salesman, dental, medical, or drug sales rep, carpet cleaner or mechanic, whether you do roof or chimney repair, disaster clean up, do auto body work or are working at a home and garden tradeshow for a friend, having your own uniquely personalized funnel, like, allows you to capture leads simply and easily.

And these are simply one or two aspects of it among so many others that are simply limited to your mind and creativity. What if you posted it on your social outlets and got in front of your targeted demographic and they saw your and wanted to learn more? Want to take it a step further? Again, what if when your potential client completed a form like the one below and then they had an automated email waiting for them in their inbox before they even clicked off your site? You just created and received a qualified lead!!

It's. That. Simple!

We’ve now captured a lead. Congratulations! Next step: Convert them with your professional sales skills!

Now that you've sent them an auto-generated email, why not include a Calendly link to YOUR calendar that they can click on and book a time to talk to YOU?! Not only do you have a qualified lead, but you also have a qualified lead that actually WANTS to talk to you and put time on your calendar!  Does that make sense? Your potential client has now booked a time on your calendar and is awaiting your phone call.

Your Personal Touch

Wow! As I’m thinking through this, my wheels are not just turning in my head with ideas, but spinning! All of this happened and I didn’t even have to do several attempted phone calls, several voice messages, several follow-ups. Rather, I got my sales funnel in front of a potential client in need of my products and services, voluntarily shared some valuable insight with them upfront, and then they exchanged their contact info with me so they could get even more value.

Then they got my reply email (which is what you’ll get if you fill out the form and follow this through just to test it out) and ultimately, we want them to be so impressed by your many touch points in that short amount of time that they will click and book a time on your calendar from the auto-reply email that was generated and sent to them instantly.

Win-Win Solutions

I don’t know about you, but I find my sales conversations are much higher quality and turn into valued exchanges when I’m talking with someone that equally wants to talk to me. You know, Simon Sinek said in his Ted Talk about how Great Leaders Inspire Action, “Sell to people who believe what you believe and are driven by a cause.”

So I ask you: Are you selling to people who believe what you believe and are driven by a cause? How are you getting in front of them without getting in front of them? How are they scheduling time with you if they don’t even know you exist? If you’re the best-kept secret in sales and marketing, well...complete the form below.

Test Drive The Sales Funnel Now

Want to give it a test drive? Follow the process through. Check out my auto-reply email. Then, book a time on the calendar and let’s chat about how you can too!

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