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Stop Trying to Hire Good Sales People???

I couldn't tell you how many sales rep interviews I've conducted or sat in on throughout my career. However, one question that I loved asking and receiving the response from candidates is, "What is your sales process?"

Every once in a while, the candidate would come back with a very impressive response to this question and that was a clear indicator that they were intentional about the work that they were doing in a sales role. Those were definitely candidates worth considering.

Unfortunately, the typical response that occurred frequently was more of a deer in the headlights look, a clammy look on their face, and a back-peddled explanation of how they've basically treated customers in the past. This resulted in a description that was far from a formalized process that they were used to. If the candidate came across as coachable, they were certainly worth a second interview because they were hungry to learn, willing to put in the work and make a difference. 

I found this article interesting as, “Mike says that having a solid and communicated sales process allows you to be able to engage with your salespeople in a constructive and useful way, making it easier and more efficient for you to understand where your sales are coming from and where they are going to materialize.”

What are your thoughts? 

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