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Professional Sales Training Certification Course

Take your sales acumen to the next level with Integrity Solutions®. Whether you are in a leadership position such as a Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Manager, seasoned rep or simply beginning your sales career, you can lead! Whether you are leading from the front, the middle or the back, receive your sales certificate as you work through earning your own professional sales certification. 


By attending our one-day professional sales training course, this sets the stage for all concepts along with hands-on participation and engagement from you and all in the room. The energy and real world value is incredible! But we can’t simply leave this one day to chance. In fact, all too often training is treated as a one-time event. Fortunately, that’s not the case here. 

Did you know that much of what is learned or heard today is forgotten tomorrow?  What if there was a plan in place to help the rubber meet the road for your sales team? There is! This lays one-day training lays the foundation and sets the stage for putting strategy into practice on a daily basis.  The week immediately following the main day is followed by eight one-hour weekly follow-up sessions via live instructor led webinar. Course participants have actionable opportunities to apply these concepts every day in their real world roles. They show up to the training knowing what is expected and can share with others as they listen and learn from their peers. 

That's how we're different as the material will not only be learned but also applied through your personal experience. Through the proven AID, Inc® model of Integrity Selling, you will build upon what you already know about sales and enhance it with a defined methodology that allows you to follow a process that your clients will find, well, refreshing!

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