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My Sales Process

Those that know me know that I am a big proponent of having a defined process. Think about it. Isn't that how some of the best professional business franchise models succeed? I have enjoyed learning about former Navy Seal Jocko Willink, as he is famous for saying, "Discipline = Freedom." In my experience, I've found that if you follow a process you will have a predictable outcome.*

Process = Predictable Outcome

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome when I managed at a bakery many years ago as we followed the formula (kinda like a recipe, only bigger). When you go into a bakery, the smell and eventually tastes of deliciousness keep you coming back again and again. You come to know and love your favorite breads and sweet treats, right? Well, what if the baker decided he was going to wing-it with the formula of your favorite item? Would it be the same as always? Most likely not! That’s where having a defined sales process comes in, where you can follow your own formula for success in your business. 

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome when I was first introduced to the concepts of Integrity Selling's sales process called AID, INC®. As you learn about this defined sales process, think to yourself - do you have a defined sales process within your business? Have you invested in your sales team so that they can have the formula for sales success? Whether your sales floor is a team of seasoned sales experts or blended with a few rookies, taking all of them through a professional sales training course in Lehi, Utah or surrounding areas may be just what they need. However, you won’t know unless you call to find out what they could be missing. Perhaps it’s the secret ingredient to your sales success! 

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome again when I took a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course and was taught about DMAIC®. This starts out with defining the current situation when you’re looking at maximizing efficiencies and eliminating waste within an organization. All too often we do what prospective clients do to professional sales reps - we jump to an improvement solution! While anyone can appreciate that, what’s more important is to understand what’s leading up to recommending the improvement. There’s so much that can go into this, and if you don’t have a defined process of how to manage and maintain, well, you may not be able to control the customer conversation and lead with value.

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome when I attended Woodbadge Training training as an Assistant Scoutmaster and was taught about EDGE®. All too often, we simply self impose stress and pressure on ourselves by pushing everyone out of the way and think that if we wanted it done right that we must do it ourselves. However, if you’re the leader of a team in the front, leading from the back, or even leading from the middle, we can all take pause in doing things our way and by ourselves and we can help champion those around us. Following a sales process or sales training and executing it like they teach with EDGE® empowers others to be able to do things as well. How’s that for mitigating stress and pressure that we self-impose so much? 

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome when I read the book, The Challenger Sale and how they follow Teach Tailor Take Control (TTT)®, and also attended their Coaching to the Challenger workshop in Chicago. Fascinating that they’ve been able to classify sales reps into categories and that one category outsells another (and most commonly identified sales rep) by six to one! They’re all about leading with value and controlling the customer conversation. With effective professional sales training, your sales reps should be able to do so as well. 

  • I learned that Process = Predictable Outcome when I attended a workshop by Corporate Visions® in New York City where we used the whiteboard to tell a better story and were taught about why customers choose you and why they should change. Overlaying these concepts with some of those mentioned above really makes it all come together! Want to know how? Check out the informative video about how professional sales training in Lehi, Utah and surrounding areas coupled with real feet on the street experiences from sales training’s and co-traveling with sales reps throughout the United States and Canada was a major “Ah-Ha” for me. I know it can be an Ah-Ha for you and your sales teams as well. 

What is your process?

Systems and processes are everywhere. Have you defined what that looks like for your organization? Or are you simply "winging it?" Don’t you think it's time to shatter your status quo? Isn’t it time for your reps to start eliminating their excuses? Let’s pencil in a short call to get the sales conversation started about what this looks like in your business now and we'll explore your process a bit further. Click the link below to gain access to my calendar and see where 15 minutes takes us.

*All Processes listed above are registered and/or trademarked by their respective companies. I have simply referenced them from what I have learned based off of my own experiences.

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