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Whether you're looking for professional sales training certification in Lehi, Utah, leadership training throughout the United States or Canada, you've come the right place!

With Covid-19 and social distancing quickly becoming the new normal, trades shows and conferences being cancelled, you can still plan for connecting with prospective clients remotely. Consider connecting with them via online meeting with a platform such as GoToMeeting®

Perhaps you're looking for a keynote speaker in Utah for your next event, even if it is online, let's start the conversation. Or, maybe it's business consulting in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States or Canada that you're looking for? We are here to assist with identifying some of the gaps you may have in your business. Sometimes you're working within the business and other times you're working on the business. The latter always seems like it takes a back seat, doesn't it? That's where business consulting and business coaching can really help.  

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When it comes to intentional sales and business training, most company's treat training as a one-time event. Think about that for a moment, how long will the impact of that training last? Definitely for a day or so. However, how much of the content and excitement can fade away and even be forgotten in only a matter of days without being put into practice?

Something I've always enjoyed about sales because you can always put your skills and knowledge into practice on every call, every email, every conversation, every webinar, every text, every exchange. When professional sales reps and business owners lean into their role with intentional action, they can and do improve every day. 

 All in all, people want to do business with people they know, people they like, and people they trust. When it comes to seeking services for your employee, sales, and business training, I encourage you to make sure that those you do hire to work with will provide value in some of the following ways.

  • Delivers training and/or consulting in a way that connects with your audience (business owners, employees, vendors, etc.)
  • Delivers training and/or consulting in an approachable teaching style that is easy to follow, understand and act on
  • Delivers training and/or consulting with knowledge and experience that is valuable to your business and industry
  • Delivers training and/or consulting with a positive outlook on implementing new winning strategies into your business
  • Delivers training and/or consulting with genuine care and desire for all members of your team to succeed
  • Delivers training and/or consulting that not only can help with your business operations, but also help with sales processes as well
  • Delivers training and/or consulting as one who is willing to help you as they interview you to identify your unique needs that you may not quite even know how to articulate what it is that is missing from your business

If any of these considerations sound like what your business may be looking for, let's chat!


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