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What People Are Saying About Danny

"Danny has that rare finesse that allows him to really connect with customers and gain their trust. As our two companies collaborated on websites for dental practices, Danny was invariably given the more difficult clients. Again and again, he demonstrated his ability to manage expectations, land a difficult sell, and keep clients happy. It is always a pleasure working with Danny."
- Michael Geary, Utah

"I loved Danny's infectious energy and his passion for the topic. I came away with some really practical ideas on how to improve my outlook on goal setting and my personal approach to success."
- Myron Manley, Canada

"Danny is one of the most focused people I have been able to work with. I can say as a colleague I would recommend Danny to any company wanting a dedicated and passionate sales representative. As a consumer, I would recommend Danny to any friend because I know how trustworthy and thorough he is. A go-to guy for sure."
- Chris Lloyd, Colorado

"I’ve been in sales now for over 20 years and have been fortunate to work for employers that recognize the value of further education and self-improvement through coaches, trainers, and public speakers. I’ve attended nearly two dozen motivational speaking engagements and/or training courses given by the likes of Nikki Joy, Andy Andrews, and Terri Sjodin.

More recently I was privileged to attend an all-day training and eight-week course, Integrity Selling, presented by Danny Jessop. The difference between the good presenters and the great ones is the presenter’s ability to relate to and capture the audience’s attention as well as convey the message in a way that is memorable for the recipient. Having said that I would put Danny Jessop in the great category. Since then, I’ve had further opportunities to hear Danny speak and have been fortunate to attend additional training seminars by him. They never disappoint. I am better for having attended these trainings and look forward to further opportunities to attend more."
- Adam Willson, Utah

“I had the pleasure of being in one of Danny Jessop’s training classes. Normally, the content of any two-day course can become very dry, but Danny has a talent for keeping the group actively involved in the presentation. As a trainee, I was very thankful for the way he held the course. We were trained on the product offerings of our company offerings. Each of the products is very in depth, and robust. Danny led the group and did a great job of keeping us focused on the topic, but also made it a fun experience. The format in which the training was held really helped me learn and be able to utilize the knowledge I gained to help drive my sales moving forward. Looking back on the experience is quite pleasant. I took a great deal of relevant information away, and am consistently using that information to grow, and develop my sales. Thanks to Danny for taking the time to train me!”
- Mike Lamorgese, California

"Danny is one of the hardest working people I have known. He has a talent to connect with clients that most others will never have, no matter how hard they try. Clients love Danny and he is able to build relationships that are invaluable to any company."
- Trajan King, Utah

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