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Trade Show Planning

Do you and your team attend or work industry trade shows? Make sure you're prepared for each one with the right mindset to maximize your time, booth space, and travel investment. A personalized trade show pre-show team meeting via live webinar is the next step to ensure everyone on your team that works the booth is there to create ROI. This 15 to 45-minute webinar will ensure you and everyone present will prospect with purpose.

Now that you're showing up to to your next trade show to prospect with purpose, how are you capturing your trade show leads? If you're like most reps and at the end of the sales conversation with a potential client, the classic signal to end the conversation comes when one of you asks, "You got a card?" Ah ha! It's a habit that has been formed and ingrained! Well, not anymore!

Be sure you have a way to capture leads right there on the spot! Don't let another prospect leave your booth without receiving an email of value from you the moment you hand them your phone to enter in their contact information. Not sure what I mean? Check it out and experience it here.

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